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Planning for a Safe Pregnancy

When you have cystic fibrosis, there are potential complications related to pregnancy. But as part of the planning process, you can learn more about these complications and how to partner with your CF care team to evaluate these risks based on your personal situation.

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    Managing Your Pregnancy

    Pregnant women with cystic fibrosis will need to be more closely monitored than the average pregnant woman. Learn how you can partner with your CF care team and obstetric team to effectively manage your pregnancy.

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    Pregnancy After Transplant

    Becoming pregnant after a lung transplant is possible, but is associated with increased complications. Learning more about post-transplant pregnancy can help you understand the potential risks and health implications.

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    Eating Well During Your Pregnancy

    More women with cystic fibrosis are reaching reproductive age, becoming pregnant, and delivering babies. Nutrition before and during pregnancy is essential for all women.

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    Preparing for Pregnancy With CF

    When my husband and I were given the thumbs-up from my cystic fibrosis doctor to start trying for our own family, it felt like a small victory 12 years in the making. After being referred to a maternal-fetal medicine physician for a preconception consultation, we are finally taking our first steps toward parenthood.

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    4 Questions to Ask Before Going Into Labor

    Looking back on my time spent in the hospital for labor, delivery, and recovery, I now understand the importance of planning and asking questions in preparation for giving birth. Here are some of the questions I wished I had asked before going into labor.

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