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Why Fitness Matters

Learn about the benefits of regular exercise and good physical fitness for people with cystic fibrosis.

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    Creating a Fitness Plan That Works for You

    How do you develop a fitness plan you can enjoy and stick with? Learn about how to create an exercise plan that works for people living with CF.

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    Germs and the Gym

    Gyms are wonderful places to exercise, but they can also be great places for germs. Germs can spread as far as six feet (two meters) through droplets released in the air by coughs or sneezes, and can remain in the air on tiny droplets -- ready to be breathed in.

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    Fitness at School

    If your child has cystic fibrosis, chances are you have some concerns about school fitness activities like physical education classes or school sports teams. Even though some people with CF have trouble breathing and tire easily, exercise can be especially important.

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    Your CF Care Team

    Your CF care team includes a group of CF health care professionals who partner with you to provide specialized, comprehensive CF care.

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    How Yoga Helped Me Manage My CF

    Although it took me a while to gravitate toward yoga, I have found that it really helps me manage my mental and physical health. In honor of International Yoga Day on June 21, I share the benefits of practicing yoga and demonstrate my favorite upper body stretches.

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    Exercise (R)Evolution

    My exercise routine has gone through quite an evolution from college to motherhood and life on the transplant list.

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    An Easy 3 Miles

    When I was diagnosed with CF at 22, I was relieved. I could start treating the disease we’d been trying to identify for years. But after the initial excitement, I started facing issues of denial, anger and confusion…so I ran.

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